Friday, August 01, 2014

Back on coumadin

Ok. I do get it.

Coumadin (or brand name warfarin) that I'm on is hard to 'manage' the dosage. The dose for one person has NOTHING to do with the dose needed for another person. There are a million and one things that can impact the dosage that works for an individual... and none of it can be pre-measured (unlike something based on weight or body mass). The only way to know if the dosage is right is to measure the impacts on the time it takes for the blood to clot.

But seriously.

I've been on the medicine for four weeks.

Week one - they started me off low. After a week they tested me. What were my results? They were low.

Week two - they bumped the dosage up. Not by a little. By a lot.

Test me again and what happens? The results were high. Way high. Dangerously high. So what do they do? Instead of telling me to take less. I have to stop taking it altogether and get tested again before restarting.

What happens? I'm too low. (by the way, this is knicknamed the blood thinner roller coaster).

Week three - what do they want me to do? Instead of having me take a dose between the too low dose and the too high does... they have me take even more (? wtf ?)

What happens? I'm way too high... dangerously too high. Stop everything don't take anything... and then come back in.

I'm now too low (see the roller coaster effect?).

Week four - let's start over again, lets' go back to what is now the medium dose.

Now I'm too high again (go figure). Have to stop again. (seriously?)

Maybe the next time we start up again, we might chose to take LESS than the medium dose, but more than the too low dose.

I totally get that this dosage thing is trial and error. I do. But I'm getting blood drawn twice a week right now to measure all of this and it's getting a little silly to keep repeating the EXACT same steps every week. We're never going to get a good dosage at the rate we're going.

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