Sunday, August 10, 2014

Debating allowing a small amount of gluten back into my diet

I never truly believed I was gluten intolerant. After my third doctor suggested I consider going gluten free... I started trying (and failing) a gluten-free diet.  After I had my teeth pulled, I ended up going about six weeks on a liquid diet and it was fairly easy after that to try to go gluten free.

I had to test it though. I went almost six weeks with 0 gluten. And then I ate a King's Hawaiian Roll (because, lord did I miss them). And within 20 minutes I had severe cramping in my always-painful left calf.

... hmmmm....

Another six weeks gluten free, and I had to try it again.

Within 20 minutes I was asking myself what I did to my leg because it was hurting soooo bad... and I remembered, I had tried another roll but had forgotten about it.

.... sigh.....

I guess I need to be gluten free, right?

Or not?

I've been regularly doing epsom salt baths because they are the ONLY THING that consistently helps with the chronic pain in my calf.

The day before yesterday I snuck one of a's snacks - a graham cracker with chocolate and marshmallow creme filling. YUM... and when I was taking my bath later that night I thought to myself that I didn't remember any additional cramping earlier.

So, being out of all my gluten-free snacks - yesterday - I gave into temptation and ate two more graham cracker snacks. No bath last night, mildly cramped today... a little more than yesterday - but not severe cramping.

... hmmmm....

I got some groceries and couldn't resist an old favorite frozen dinner meal from Marie Calendar's - with pasta.... and yet, no new cramping.

I think that this means that if I use moderation AND keep doing my epsom salt baths - that I might be able to add a little gluten back into my unbelievably restrictive diet.   ... Oh, gosh, I hope so!

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