Thursday, August 14, 2014

New exercises in thrifting

I an hoping to buy a new home for my son and myself quite soon.

Going from a 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft apartment to a 3 bedroom, family room, living room townhome and around 1900 sq feet of living space means I will probably be a bit short of furniture.

So, I've started thrifting.

I've always loved Craigslist and it's my primary source. But after flipping through it a few days... I started wondering if there were other options.

I did searches with my location and freecycle or shopper in Yahoo groups and in Facebook. And started to have access to more used items.

Some of my recent buys seem good... some I already regret, but think I can fix.

1) small antique wooden desk - $40 (I probably spent too much) - I wish I had waited a bit and found one that was light wooden color instead of as dark as it is.  There's one drawer that sags a bit and needs a spot of wood on the underside to keep it in place properly AND a spot of glue on the top bit holding it to the frame. AND I probably need to refinish it as almost all my furniture is a light oak finish. (sigh)

2) 9 square cube shelving unit for $10. Needs a fresh coat of paint - and I'm thinking gray for my son's bedroom or white for a crafting space.

3) Small 2 drawer wooden filing cabinet - which is the right wood color and the perfect small size - exactly what I need and what I've been looking for for ages. And only $35

4) Two small ladder-type small shelving units - perfect for a's small bedroom - just needs a touch of paint on one leg and a spot of glue on a couple of shelves that were recently damaged. $10 for the pair. Trying to decide if I leave them black or if I'll redo in gray.

I've got two pieces of furniture I'd like to redo for a's bedroom... his current dresser I bought six years ago and still love. But it was damaged when I bought it and I still haven't fixed it (bad mom). A spot of wood filler on the top, a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint will make it perfect for his room.

AND I've got a small wooden computer desk. Simple lines and perfect for a's bedroom. But with a black & gray bed. Black and gray dresser. Black or gray shelves (TBD). He's going to need a black or gray desk... so the plan will be to sand and paint it.

SO yeah. Plans and plotting.... and more projects than I can probably manage. I'd try bribing 'A' to tackle them for me, but with the baby coming tomorrow - he's not going to have any time either.

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