Monday, September 22, 2014

Starting my treatment (yet AGAIN) - posting here to keep me honest.


I had a pretty bad flare up. Symptoms of nueropathy-like pain, painful lumps throughout my body... no ideas from any doctors.

I did get my regular doctor to agree to help me start managing my symptoms (which he had failed to do very well for the last several years)...

But he put me on potassium supplements (my potassium has been mildly low for the last several tests, but he hadn't felt the need to treat it before I pushed him on it). And I'm on two different forms of muscle relaxants - one that knocks me out at night and one that I take during the day.  I didn't think they were helping with the nueropathy-like pain (still don't know) BUT I have noticed that the over-all achiness (think flu-like symptoms of whole body ache) is better and in fact, if I forget a pill, I notice it worsening - take the pill, it improves. SO ... YEAH! something that is helping with something.

I've been on those three for almost a month.

And I've noticed mild dry patches of flaking skin on my face - which I'm led to believe can be a folate deficiency. So, it's time to start back on my methylation protocol.

I'm probably going to end up taking a lot of the same things I did before. Only I'm going to try to mix it up a little differently. To this day, I don't think that my supplements are responsible for my flare up. However, I stopped taking them as a better safe than sorry type of thing. I also think I'm going to 'schedule' in a week off of supplements every month and a month off every year or six months. I think that it's unlikely to be harmful and that if I only take a month off - I won't do the 'restart' progress... I'll just resume where I left off. BUT, that said... I've been off for about three months now... so ... tapering up from the bottom is where I'll be.

STARTING TODAY (and for the rest of this week)....

B complex
Vitamin D drops
1/2 pill of daytime muscle relaxant twice a day
1/4 pill of nighttime muscle relaxant at suppertime

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