Thursday, October 30, 2014

Frank Pumpkinstein

I can think of a few things we would have done differently if we'd actually planned this out a little better. Maybe buying something for the ears and nose (these are just green 'stones' from a mancala game)... but it turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

We sprayed the pumpkin green and let it sit to dry while we went back inside to sort out the ornamentation.

The eyes were circles cut out of cardboard with black magic marker.
The teeth were cut out of the same box.
The ears and nose were mancala pieces (hey, they were green and roughly the right shape).
The bolts were in a pile of bits and pieces of hardware.
The hair was me taking black fun fur and crocheting a little rectangle.

We used stick on velcro and attached that to all the pieces... when the pumpkin was dry we brought it in and added the black stitches and mouth with a black magic marker and stuck on the opposite side of the velcro a place for all the pieces to attach. I'm sure I could have found an easier (cheaper) way to attach everything - but this was something we threw together in about two hours (mostly drying time) with what we had in the house.

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