Friday, October 10, 2014

Frugal Shopping in the new Internet Age

With a new house comes new expectations. For the most part, my existing furniture is fine.

But not perfect.

I've got a list of 'need to have soon' items - a new tv stand, an end table (or three), etc.

And a list of 'hope to have' items - a better organization system for my craft supplies and for sorting laundry.

I'm doing a lot of online shopping... and I started with free Craigslist listings.

And then I proceeded to not-so-free Craigslist items.

Then I started searching some of the alternative 'new' options....
Bed, Bath, and Beyond

etcetera, etcetera

I'm not in the new house yet (which my son - who is doing a lot of the moving - tells me, means that I should wait for furniture delivery until AFTER I move).

So, I still have a few weeks to browse and consider where and what I think I need.

Ideally, I'll find exactly what I need in near-new condition for virtually no money at all ...

But, let's face it... that might not be going to happen.

If I do end up buying new, I realized that when I search these different web stores - that I'm seeing the same products over and over again. And of the ones with brick and morter stores, most of the products are only available online. They are listing stock that they don't maintain... but want to be able to 'sell' the item and have the manufacturer ship directly to the customer.  There are a few items on each website that aren't always on all websites... but of the items that are listed on multiple sites - the prices are usually within pennies of each other.

BUT, some sites are offering 10% discounts on some products. Some sites are offering reward points which can be used for cash towards future purchases.

So, it does seem like this research time is beneficial. If all other things are the same, but you can get 10% off immediately? That's probably the best 'frugal' option - as the quality of the item, shipping, etc won't vary from website to website. If the prices are the same and no sales? The next bet would be to pursue the purchase with the company you may have rewards options through.

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