Monday, October 13, 2014

Moving houses next week - with MTHFR

Thankfully, I'm not moving far. Thankfully my new house will have very few steps, the bedroom is just off of the kitchen as is the master bath and laundry. (Woot!)

But, Moving houses is a HASSLE.

Being sick while moving? PIA

This will be my third move and hopefully the last one for a really long time.

Both of my previous moves involved a lot of decluttering (though there's always need to do more) which involved selling good furniture/items and/or donating useful items and/or tossing things that were no longer of value.

The first time I moved after becoming seriously ill, I worked in a town 45 minutes from my home. While the rent payments in the new town were the same as the house payments, the savings by not commuting would help me pay more overdue bills. The savings in time for the cummuting time was useful for spending valuable time with my then 3-yr old son.  I would pack two or three boxes into my SUV every evening. Drive to work. Drop the boxes off at the new apartment and unpack them. Then take the empty boxes home. I repeated this for about three weeks before hiring a truck and getting a friend to help haul out the big furniture. (I was abandoning the house to foreclosure, so not paying rent and house payment at the same time bought me extra moving time).

The second time I moved, I couldn't afford to pay the current months rent if I was paying the deposit and first months rent at the new apartment - so while there was a week overlap, I had to come back later to pay the landlord a few months later.  But, I spent an entire month, packing one box an evening and making a massive pile. Found a great discount for a moving truck, hired some guys off of craigslist to do the carrying. I stayed on our then third floor apartment, my son down by the moving truck or helping carry things up and down the two flights of stairs. The new apartment was on the ground floor (thank goodness) - so the unloading went much better.

This time? I started to pack about two months ago. Again, a box or two a night after work, more perhaps on the weekend. That went well for about two weeks. Until my last house purchase fell through. Then I took about three weeks off of the packing duties. Right now I have a handful of things that we don't need to pack yet. And about two or three boxes of items to be moved the day we'll start sleeping in the new house - which I'll wait to pack until the night before.

I did hire a truck, this time with movers as while the last deal went through very inexpensively, hiring a moving van and movers in one go is much easier to manage and they are often insured (the guys moving me last time were not).

I get the house on the weekend, and am moving during the week (got a discount for that). Since my son often works weekends, this works better for him as well.  Saturday and Sunday will be spent moving a few things on our own ahead of time (things like a bunk bed that needs to be dismantled and reassembled), lamps, some of the food, the new cat litter system, new rugs, etc. We'll also draw a little floor plan out and make some decisions about some of the furniture destinations and add that for directing the movers.

On Monday the internet gets turned off at the old apartment and turned on in the new house... so we'll move the tv's, wifi, and rokus ourselves on Monday and get the network established. We'll spend the night 'camping' in the living room Monday night.

Between Sunday/Monday I hope to take a few things that we use regularly but that are getting thrown out (old microwave - there's a new cabinet mounted one at the house), a few broken lamps, an old, busted headboard, etc. to the dumpster.

Tuesday morning the movers arrive early... we'll meet them at the old apartment and 'direct' them and let them handle the big items. We'll leave all the cleaning products behind and come back the following weekend to clean up the old apartment before turning the keys in.

After the last move, I unpacked a box a day for about a month to 'settle' in slowly and gradually and I think that will work again with this move. If we move all the immediate need things on our own and unpack on Sunday/Monday - then the things in the boxes the movers bring can be gotten to over a period of time.

The only real difference, is last time, I left it to the then 20-yr old son to 'decorate' as I didn't have the spoons left after the moving and unpacking and it kind of showed. This time I've got a 23-yr old daughter-in-law and I'm hoping she'll be willing to lend some advice on placement. I'll still probably leave them to 'handle' the placement... but I'm pretty sure her opinion will have a better end result.

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