Tuesday, November 04, 2014

MTHFR - Moved in, still settling in

We're in the house.

We're not done unpacking.

But, we have the critical things sorted out and now it's down to figuring out the rest of it.

I plan on doing a box or two every evening... but I've been hitting stumbling blocks.

First stumbling block is my son's bookshelves.

They weigh about 50 pounds each unassembled.

So, tonight (assuming I feel up to it) - as I've managed to come down with a cold on top of everything else.

  1. Open the packages
  2. Carry each piece up the stairs individually
Tomorrow night (assuming I feel up to it)
  1. Assemble shelf #1
  2. Using my wheeled movers, I'll shift it into the wall space I need it to go to
Thursday night (assuming I feel up to it)
  1. Assemble shelf #2
  2. Wait for my eldest son to pick up shelf #2 and put it on top of shelf #1
Which reminds me, I'll need to get furniture straps that can fasten the top shelf to the wall to avoid tip-over.

So - basically, something that would take a lot of folks a single day on the weekend to accomplish - will take me at least 3 evenings and however much longer after that to accomplish my goal.

In the meantime I'm getting an upright freezer delivered this week.

I'm irritated with myself for not having taken a really good look around the garage. Because even though we have light switches on both sides and even a water faucet with a hose in the garage. I can't find a single electrical outlet in the garage. Who does that? Who would build a garage without any electrical outlets?  Especially given that this is a newer house and even the unfinished basement has a set of electrical outlets every four feet.

But if we truly can't find an outlet, we'll have to put the freezer in the basement (which is not my first choice). I'd rather have it on the same floor as the rest of the house - but in the garage, where there will be space once I get things put away.

Other major tasks ahead of me:
  • Finding a better solution for craft storage (I have a TON of craft supplies). I want to find a better, more attractive solution for storage than what I have been doing. But so far, I've had no luck in finding anything flexible enough and compatible with my style.
  • Once the bookshelves are in my son's room, we can provide him a box of books/toys per week to put away.
  • Cleaning supplies. I ended up with FOUR big boxes of cleaning supplies. No idea where they all came from other than the fact that I basically went through a few phases in my life where my house would be dirty and I wouldn't have the energy to fix that... but assumed that buying more cleaning supplies I didn't use would help. Silly, huh? But now I need to sort it all out. Some I will not be replacing once they are used up. My go-to cleaning supplies lately are vinegar, dawn and baking soda... and that's probably going to be it for a little while.
  • Once some of the rest of the unpacking is finished and I can gift away the moving boxes, I want to set up a 'station' in the garage that would be a drop zone. I want it to have a bench with padding and a space to put shoes/boots under the bench. A few shelves for storing back packs, etc... and a place to hang our coats. I've been to pinterest and have ideas of what I want... but right now there's no space in the garage to set it up. And instead the drop zone is right inside the garage door and it's literally where people need to walk and is a mess.
In the meantime, I'm struggling with timing. The task I'd like to tackle first would be to get my craft supplies sorted. However, I also plan on replacing the carpeting in the house in February/March time frame. Which means if I sort it all out and find the furniture (which I haven't found the furniture yet)... and get it all moved into the bedroom, it has to get moved in a few months again. So, I'm really tempted to leave it all in my garage. But I'd hate to have it in the garage when winter hits. So... do I stick it all in the basement, keep shopping until I find the right solution... and then order it after the furniture arrives? I can access it from the basement, but that's just not where I want it stored long-term. But, that might be the next several weeks... every evening take a box or two of crafting supplies to the basement ... get them out of the way in the garage which may make way for the finding space to store cleaning supplies and setting up the drop zone. Then if I focus on a's bookshelves, he can also be working through his pile of boxes at the same time. 

At least it's a plan of attack... not perfect, but something.

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