Friday, November 21, 2014

Online shopping

I really am glad that with my health issues, I can shop online for almost anything.

BUT... it's really frustrating sometimes. The only benefit is that I know that while I search and search for the RIGHT thing? I'm not burning gas or energy I can't afford to spend.

I can search dozens of online shopping sites and never leave the comfort of my chair.

My current search has two goals.

1. New dining room table and chairs... I'm looking for medium cherry wood finish, 48" or less across round/oval table with simple lines, simple chairs. If the chairs are upholstered? I want it in a dark colored fabric or vinyl. Ideally, I'd like an expandable table, but can live without.  I'd prefer regular table height, but will live with counter height if that's what I can find. Right now? The only option close to what I'm looking for is running around $1500 - $3000... and yeah. Not in the budget.

2. Entryway furniture.... I want to create a drop zone in the garage with a bench (with cushion) and cubbies for shoes and misc under the bench, a cubbie shelf to hang over the bench with hooks for coats, purses, etc... and cubbies or shelving unit that can go to the side of the bench....  preferably not in white. I can find expresso colored bench and coat shelf; and black cubbies. I can find nice wood shelves and bench in cherry or white, but not the matching coat shelf for over the bench.

Seriously? Options people ... options.... why is this so hard?

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