Monday, December 29, 2014

Frugal New Years Eve for the chronically ill

99.9% of the time, my son spends New Years Eve with his father.

Which means I get to go to bed early.

And I usually splurge on a good take out meal, watch a pay-for on-demand movie, and crash at around 10pm ... which isn't all that different then the regular nights when I usually eat a 'eh' take out meal, watch a free, on-demand movie, and crash at around 10pm.

But, it's still special ... to me.

My son is 11 and is going to be home for New Years... so the movie will now be PG-13 or R rated (if he lets me - lol, he's got a bigger idea of what is 'inappropriate' than I do for him)...

And the 'treat' has to be something we both enjoy.... which doesn't really fit with my plans to snarf about 8 oz on shrimp that I splurged on and bought to enjoy ....

So, we may end up each getting a treat - right now he's hoping for ice-cream cake (and I'm wondering how small of one I can buy)...

And I'm still hoping to be in bed by 10pm.

ETA: Sadly, I learned a lesson from this frugals New Year... I forgot that I shouldn't have anything with shellfish... managed to initiate a gout attack... I was in enormous pain until the 17th. Sigh... no  more shrimp for me.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Moving - two months later

I've been picking through my to-do list and slowly plugging away at it. Not very fast... but bit by bit. Of course, 90% of it was done by my eldest son, but hey - at least it's done.

In another month or two maybe it will start to feel a little more like home.

My updated list:

Clean the tiny bit of mold off of antique dresser and move it to basement.
Move fish tank to basement.
Once last toy boxes are removed and unpacked - list moving supplies on craigslist
Set up drop zone bench
Order shelves and hooks to set up around the drop zone bench
Set up shelves above drop zone bench

Master Bedroom:
Unpack last two to three boxes of craft items that just don't know where to go.
Buy two new surge suppressors to set up one per bedside table.

Master bathroom:
Find and install a medicine cabinet and put meds and supplements away.
Install new shower head

Sort out all the misc things that have been on the kitchen island since the week we moved in when I needed to have things handy while I unpacked everything else.
Pick up 8  command adhesive hooks to hang up measuring cups and spoons on inside of cabinet door
Pick up more shelving plastic to line shelves
Install the last shelving plastic on shelves

Dining Room:
Find and buy a new table & chairs
Move empty china moving boxes to garage

Living room/desk area:
Move empty boxes and wrapping paper into garage
Unpack file box of files and set up new filing system in the new filing cabinet (talk about a yucky chore)
File and sort through remaining paperwork
Touch up paint on walls
Sort out items to hang on walls
Figure out bench/storage for keeping near the door for dog walking chores
Install the programmable thermastat

Entry way:
Build shelving unit that got unpacked, but not assembled for kids bedroom
Take the two shelves out of the hall closet and reinstall them in the entry closet for storing wrapping paper better

Kids Bedroom:
Touch up paint on shelving unit already in room
Move in the shelving unit from the entry room
Unpack the two boxes already in the room - and then relocated remaining toy boxes from garage to start unpacking those as well.
Put away remaining toys

Kids bathroom:
Fix leak around showerhead with plumbers tape

Half bath:
Pick up a long extension cord and command adhesive hooks so the cord is less obtrusive to the automated cat litter box
Set up the sticky mat to catch cat litter

Laundry room:
Set up new shelves
Make baskets for laundry sorting
Toss out old laundry sorters that don't work in the space

My favorite thing is that I crossed off more items from my list than I added.