Sunday, March 22, 2015

New floor

When I went shopping for homes, the last thing I wanted was brand new carpet newly installed in the house... and in fact, there was one house that didn't quite meet my needs, but that  had a flooring allowance as it needed new floors. A second house had a few of the things I wanted, but would have been too hard to manage with my knee if I was having another flare up.... also needed new floors.

But it was the last house that I settled on that had everything I wanted (except the wood floors). This particular home came with stained white carpet through out. Since most new home buyers would shy away from a pee stained carpet, I got a bit of a deal on the home.

Sadly, my dog felt that it was wrong for her to let someone else pee on her floor and had to make sure her sent was more dominant - a dog, just being a dog, I know... but uck!

I've also spilled foods - and while I can treat stains, the truth is that I knew the carpet was on it's way out, so I wasn't eager to spend any time removing those stains.

The cat did her part as well, since she seems to think that it's her duty to leave me presents all around the house (vomit) - sigh....

But the tax refund and bonus from work have come through - it's time to get the flooring replaced. I've picked out some nice bamboo hardwood flooring and am hoping to place the order for them tomorrow and have them installed sometime towards the end of April.

I can't WAIT to have a floor to be less ashamed of.

We'll be treating and putting an underlayment in... I can only hope between that and speedy wiping I can keep the new floor from getting smothered in urine.

Sadly, this means packing up the first floor and relocating a ton of things to the garage. I think most of the furniture will easily fit into the garage. My yarn stash will probably get taken to the basement into rubbermaid tubs. I'm hoping while I have the rooms bare, we can take a little time to paint the bedroom and touching up some of the paint in the other rooms.

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