Thursday, June 11, 2015

Slow Progress, but progress none-the-less

I've been doing 5 days on supplements, 2 days off.
Then 3 weeks of that on, and 1 week off.
Then 3 months of that on, and 1 month off.

And while I haven't noticed any sudden improvements, I've also not noticed any declines. I did overdo things a little bit a couple of times, rested thoroughly afterwards for several days which seemed to expediate my recovery.

But, lately, when the alarm goes off... I'm still in my deepest sleep cycle, but instead of taking multiple alarm clocks, turning on the tv at some point to try to 'raise' my alertness level to the point of being able to get out of bed.... I'm now able to get up only after hitting snooze for about 3 times (this is truly an improvement - a serious improvement). I'm still tired when I wake up; but it's more like the tiredness you would feel after getting six hours of sleep when you need eight; instead of the tired you would feel if you tried to run a marathon without training for it.

I've been able to spend far more time in the living area of my house instead of laid up in bed. I'm still sick, by no means am I cured... it's probably just a remission.

However, I also had to stop my supplements a little early this time around. I was having trouble taking something in the pile, not sure what... but every time my hand got near my mouth, I'd start to gag. And since before all of this started, I was forcing myself to take a supplement that was causing gagging reactions (and in the end, a supplement that was making me toxic)... well, let's just say that if my body starts saying no, I listen now.

I'll wait a couple of weeks and strip down to one or two supplements, see how I feel and add more in until I get the response again and then I can weed out the supplement that I probably shouldn't be taking.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

A good first date

It's been AGES since I've been on a GOOD date.

I went out with Uncle J... and while I was really nervous? I was also really comfortable with him at the same time. (good start)

I'd met him a couple of years ago at one of S's family events - she's my daughter-in-law and her family is always inviting me to tag along. They are super welcoming and since my own family is half-way across the state and rarely get together as it is, it's super nice to feel welcome to spend time with them.

At the time we met, he apparently had just broken up from a long-term relationship that didn't go well and ended badly, so it's only been recently that he's thought about dating.

On Mother's day, I was back in S's father's house. Her grandmother is super sweet and their whole family is very welcoming. I happened to have been sitting in the dining room chatting with folks as they sat with me a bit, moved to the living room a bit, etc. He sat down at the end of the table to just be social and we just chatted. Apparently the thing that stood out the most in his mind to think that maybe I'm someone he wants to get to know better? I was making eye contact and knitting away without looking at what I was doing. He mentioned it at the time and I just laughed it off, and said something about the fact that I'm always knitting... when you do it that often, and it's a simple pattern it really doesn't require too much attention. That I was just making yet another charity hat and how they are great for social events as they keep my hands busy and yet fly off the needles while I'm not even really paying attention.

Then he decided I was a nice person and attractive and he ended up getting my phone number... through my son no less. :-)  I can't believe it was my knitting that started it.

Anyway, we had a great supper and took a little drive to a nice spot to take a walk... then he dropped me off at my car.

He noticed my I <3 a="" admit="" admitted="" an="" and="" ask="" at="" based="" computers="" course="" crocheting="" enough="" finish="" from="" game.="" game="" geek="" had="" harry="" he="" hpkchc="" i="" incorporates="" into="" it="" just="" knits...="" knits="" knitting="" least="" life="" m="" movies="" nbsp="" nor="" not="" now="" of="" on="" once="" online="" p="" play="" playing="" potter="" real="" role="" s="" so="" start="" that="" the="" to="" was.="" watches="" what="" who="" with="" work="" year.="">

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Mars in retrograde? Full moon? What's up???

I've been online dating because to be honest, most of the men who meet me in real life either don't ask me out OR try to pick me up at a bar... not, here's my number, or can I have your number... let's go out... it's... let's go back to my place.

Yeah. I'm not interested in hooking up... so online data was my way to let it be known I want to date.

Still get lots of men interested in hooking up... still not going to happen.

But, it's probably been ten to twelve months since I've been on a decent date.

Three weeks ago I get a general ask out by a co-worker. He says - we should go out for dinner downtown someday. I said 'sounds good' before I thought about it and realized it's not a co-worker suggesting a work function. It's a 25 year old asking me out for dinner. Thankfully he hasn't brought it up again... I'm a BIT TOO OLD for him, you know?

Last week I got a text from a guy I dated last summer whom I stopped seeing when I realized he just wanted hookups and whatever it would take to get there, but not interested in speaking to me unless he was horny. Apparently he was horny again. No, not happening.

Yesterday I speak to my adult son. Apparently he got asked for my phone number from his father-in-law's brother whom we met when everyone got together for Mother's Day (he always drags me along to his family's events since my family is on the other side of the state)... seemed like a nice man, didn't really look at him that way... but a nice man, my own age, decent looking? Yeah... sure I'll give it a shot. Of course, he hasn't actually asked me out yet... but... it's weird.

Drought or Flood
Famine or Feast

... apparently some flip got switched and now I'm date-worthy again when I haven't been for a while. LOL