Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Six weeks in, and I'm in trouble

J & I have been dating for almost six weeks now. BF/GF for four weeks (he was determined to label our relationship and have a conversation; during which he formally asked if he could call me his girlfriend!!!).

The first two weeks it was great.

The next week was my first week of vacation and it was amazing.

The following week he was on vacation and I was partly on vacation and it was even more amazing.

Then the week we were both back to work full-time it was harder. He works around 11:30pm to around 8:30 am; I work 8:00 am to around 8:00 pm (right now, rough hours)... he usually sleeps from around 2:30pm to 9:30 pm... which means very limited time during the week.  But we planned a lunch date during the week and it was great.

But then this weekend hit.

Friday night was an 8 yr old birthday party (fun and great and his whole family was there and -of course- checking us out). Funny enough, I'm no longer enough when I go alone to these events. Every single person wanted to know why J wasn't with me as apparently I am no longer an individual, but half of a couple - lol.

We went out for dinner afterwards and crashed for a while.

But Saturday? Saturday was filled with issues. I had to work during the day and he needed to catch up on some yard work. By the time it was time for our date? My son had called - he was uber-sick and so was the baby - and can mom come help? I picked up the baby and had the 8 yr old dropped off at my house and basically spent the rest of the night dealing with a sick baby who wanted not much else except to be held by nana.

The kids spent the night on Saturday... by Sunday the baby was feeling better (but then again, after only four hours of sleep, I wasn't so much). By the time the kids went home on Sunday, J had already left to take a nap before his next shift.

Every single thing we had planned for Sunday went bust. But what did he do? He came to my house to help babysit. He sat with the older boys and watched a movie with them... helped clean up the kitchen a bit... took out the trash, all without being asked. He said he would have done more if he'd known what to do... sigh.

Sunday he stopped out again... and spent some time playing with the baby so I could take it easy, helping with the boys again... and wow. Not one complaint.

Not that we weren't a little disappointed that the kids were ill and that our own plans got derailed. But, he was there for me. 100% there for me.

This week, we're back to work and have a lunch date for tomorrow. I'm experiencing some warning signs that I sure hope don't mean I'm getting it next.... so far so good, but basically besides crossing my fingers, I'm compulsively washing hands, using germx and lysol and just trying not to overdo it.

We've got plans for this weekend... and next weekend is a romantic get away with the youngest going to his dad's for a week (plus J is taking a week of vacation and I'm getting away with a couple of days of vacation)!

In the meantime? I'm seriously falling for the guy who steps in and steps up when his girlfriend's grandchildren need her.

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