Tuesday, July 26, 2016

But what a ring it is!

I didn't set out to find a good deal on my engagement & wedding rings.

I set out to find a ring that suited me.

I am NOT a fan of the current style of a large square or emerald cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

I like glitter and I like diamonds... but I'm an amethyst/ruby/sapphire girl at heart. I like COLOR.

And I like flow, curved metal, a flow or a swirl.


I asked my fiance (before he was my fiance) if we could pick out the rings together. So a couple of weeks after he asked and I accepted... we went to the first jewelry store.

I knew what I wanted wasn't necessarily going to be easy to find since it was bucking the current trends. And that, in fact, we might have to find someone to design the ring for me. At that thought, I was a little nervous about the cost of a custom designed ring. BUT... I also knew that my heart wasn't going to be happy 'settling'. I'd settled before on my ring; and gotten divorced twice. THAT was not something I was willing to repeat (either, in case you have doubts).


We walked into the store and when I asked if they had any thing that would have an amethyst and would work for an engagement ring, I got a 'look'... a 'huh'? why on earth? blank stare.  But she dutifully showed me the three amethyst rings that they had on the floor. Yep, nope... not what I was looking for.

Another woman working at the shop picked up on the discussion and saved the day. She got creative and suggested that we look at some pre-set wedding rings which don't have the center stone in them yet - with the idea that we can add an amethyst instead of adding a diamond to the center.

This was closer, but none of the rings they had quite suited the look I was hoping for. They were very rigid and geometric and none of the natural or organic flow to them. After showing me about four or five and asking the right kind of questions... she came back with another suggestion.

She asked the first saleswoman to go get the 'swirly one' out of the clearance cabinet.

Yep... that WAS THE ONE. It's got bling and swirl and organic structure... add a beautiful amethyst in the middle and I was SOLD. AND it was on clearance. AND there was a coordinating wedding band that matched PERFECTLY. And believe it or not, they were both in the size I needed.

My fiance took me to the side, asked me if I wanted to sleep on it. I was pretty sure he was worried I was getting swept away. But ... I looked at him and said I'd be happy to wait to make the purchase official... but I don't need to look at any other rings. We've found the ring that's JUST RIGHT FOR ME.

He couldn't picture the amethyst in the ring... the saleswoman held an amethyst earing near the setting, but he just couldn't see it as a final ring.

They gave us the price for the two rings, plus the cost of a lifetime warranty, plus the cost of adding the amethyst without the actual cost of the stone (to be determined once they found the right stone)... plus the cost of his own wedding band that we found about 15 minutes after we found my ring and while we were working on the paperwork for my rings. That number was about half of what he was thinking it would cost. And about $1k lower than I was thinking I would spend ... lol.

And then they called him and told him that the amethyst itself was $50. Yep ... $50. He was a little floored.

Like I said, I didn't go out seeking a frugal ring. I set out to find a ring that suited me.

I love the dark of the stone and the flare of the diamonds and how they set each other off from each other.

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Leah said...

So pretty! Did u guys set a date yet? Are you already married? I miss your updates.