Monday, July 10, 2017

Picky eater win - Tuna & noodles (cheap side)

I haven't been able to eat this meal for several years due to becoming GF, DF.

But both of my sons as well as both grandsons have declared this a Winning meal. And honestly, with the exception of my littlest grandson? the rest are all extremely picky eaters.

It's also hits my SUPER quick and easy requirement for a meal.
Number of ingrediants? 3 - another favorite of mine, I can throw this together with minimal effort.

Only issue now is that one batch isn't enough around this house, my a and Littlest A can both eat a batch in a single meal - remember, these are EXCEPTIONALLY picky eaters, and they can devour with second and third helpings this meal.

Is it super healthy? No, probably not. but... you know what? It's tastier than Tuna & Noodles from a box; its even quicker and easier to make and it's by far healthier than the other options they'll eat - like pizza rolls or mac & cheese. Basically, it's fortified, so there are more nutrients and more protein than the big box brand, but also more sodium, calories, and fat -- so, not a super healthy option.

Super Easy Tuna & Noodles

Knorr's Alfredo Chicken with Broccoli (usually $1 on sale, we'll purchase a half dozen when it goes on sale)
1 pkg tuna in water (usually $1 for the non-brand name package)
1 cup of water

Directions - Follow the Knorr cooking directions with the one exception of adding the tuna into the pan with the other ingredients. Which is basically throw everything in a pot, stirring bring to a boil on high heat, then reduce heat (still stirring) until the noodles are cooked through.

That's it. Fast, inexpensive and on the plate in under 10 minutes.

Around $2 per serving for the ever growing boys.

Note: I've previously posted this as a $5 meal, with additions of peas and carrots... only, the kids started to reject the extra veggies... so, since this was meant for the picky eater as it was, even though the mother in me would have preferred keeping them in ? The desire to keep them eating something with at least bits of broccoli in it? surpassed the need to keep peas and carrots in the list).

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