Friday, July 21, 2017

Removing Water stains - old ones

I have a wooden vanity from a bedroom set that was my Grandparents. They purchased it new in the 1940's and it was treated well by them.

After grandma went to the nursing home, my Uncle brought the furniture to me. The vanity wasn't as useful as it could be, and I'll be honest, when I got super sick and was basically bedridden, I didn't treat it as well as I should have. I've left MULTIPLE water marks on the wood.

I wish I had thought to take a before picture, I didn't. But as I show you the top of this in the three shots, after using three different cleaners, I can tell you that all three were equally 'marred' for the first 4-5" of the top (the rest had been covered with 'other' piles while I was sick.

This is an honest opinion that is not being compensated for, I have purchased these products with my own funds.

First I tried an old standby for me - Murphy's Oil Soap.  It's great for immediate cleaning, it can help 'cover up' a mild scratch... but water marks?  Well, here we go:

It's not terrible. But there are several marks that it just didn't do justice to.

Secondly, we tried a cleaner that my husband had felt was really great - Holloway House Wood Cleaner.

Terrible, huh? I will be honest. When I initially did the cleaning, I thought this particular product had looked the best after I walked away. I could barely see any watermarks at all. But the following day, I came downstairs and was really disappointed.

Third, we tried a cleaner my husband bought from the Home Shopping Network thinking he could clean up and restore his kitchen cabinets from the 1950's. (he never opened it, as is the norm with those kind of purchases). Original Regency Gold Restorative Wood Polish.

Of the three, I was most disappointed last night in the end result. It didn't look like it did anything at all.

But the following day?

Yes, there are still two rings one in the center right that is hard to see from this angle, and a bigger one in the bottom left corner. But, this entire surface was every bit as bad, if not worse than the opposite side.

Color me impressed. I'm now working on the remaining watermarks to see if we can't bring this beautiful vanity back to life.

In fact, I think I'm feeling brave enough to tackle the two bed frames I have. At one time, I had been told the Jenny Lind bed was of value, but in poor shape. If I can clean it up, I might see if it has any value left in it.

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