Monday, July 10, 2017

Simple Bourbon Chicken

OK, so while my husband can be a great cook, he tends toward pretty simple fare.

We both love more flavorful meals, but while I'm spending too much time flat on my back - then I'm not cooking much. Which means more take aways... and we're trying to cut down some debt, so more take aways isn't helping us with that goal.

Add my dietary restrictions of needing gluten free/dairy free, low purines, low fat, non-greasy/fried foods... and well, it's not easy finding new meals.

Add my picky eater son who eats too much junk when he's not eating what we make... and I can HEARTILY announce that I was thrilled with the following meal! THRILLED

1) it met all my dietary restrictions
2) a told us it was DELICIOUS and had a second helping (omg!) AND then proceeded to polish off the leftovers the following day (this mom is really, really happy about that)
3) it was simple to make and my husband, while nervous - was able to make it within 20 minutes (fast and easy? and still YUMMY? oh, yeah... we'll do this meal again!!!!

I don't know how long it was on the market, but we stumbled on it the other day when I went to pick up pasta & tuna for making the kid's favorite Tuna & Noodles.

McCormick Bourbon Chicken Skillet Sauce - yum, yum, yum!!!

OMG! Tag right on it says it's Gluten free which is the first thing that drew my eye to it. The second thing was looking for a make at home Bourbon chicken so I can avoid MSG.

We took 2 1/2 lb of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts out of the freezer which was around $2 a lb (and about 1 lb more than the recipe called for - there was no issue with having more meat). We thawed it out, cooked it on the stove top until all the edges were browned (? ok, white, it's chicken); with about 2 TBS of extra virgin olive oil.   Then added the sauce and let it simmer down.

A few herb & garlic mini potatoes cooked up in the microwave along with some frozen mixed veggies to make a meal... and I am here to say - it was Yummy. It had a ton of flavor without heat. Everyone in the house liked it, everyone.

Adding extra chicken helped make it a bigger meal, there was plenty for a family of 6 (counting my intake as half a serving, Jerry's as 2 servings, and a's as 1 1/2 servings; plus another serving for Jerry and a for lunch the following day).

Next time, we'll dice the chicken a little smaller... our 'cubes were around 1 1/2 inch cubes... probably should be 1" or smaller. Next time I might add some fresh cut garlic chives. It's meant to be served over rice, but honestly, we didn't miss the rice at all.

The package cost around $2 and was about 9 oz of nothing but sauce.

The potatoes were expensive, we buy the ready to bake types with seasonings, so around $5 for that, plus the $1 bag of frozen veggies.  I keep pestering Jerry that we need to sort out the copy cat recipe so we can make the potatoes from scratch for less money.

In the meantime, total for two meals - $5 for chicken, $2 for the sauce, $5 for the potatoes, $1 for the veggies, plus maybe $.50 for the oil and margarine we add to the veggies. Two meal cost = $13.50; $6.75 per meal. I'd love to see that drop down below $5 per meal... so will spend some time today to try to figure out how to make the herbed mini potatoes from scratch.

What we liked about the meal - balanced well with proteins, sauce, veggies and flavor as well as quickness. I was able to microwave both the veggies and the potatoes while Jerry worked the skillet. From thawed chicken to finished meal was  right at 20 minutes, which we think will be even faster if we make the chicken with smaller cubes so that they cook through more swiftly.

We also picked up (yes, I was hungry while shopping) McCormick Herb Roasted Chicken oven bake sauce... can't wait to try it.

Disclaimer: I receive nothing for doing reviews, if I find a product I like (or hate) enough that I feel like sharing an opinion on it? I post a review.

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