Monday, July 10, 2017

Status Report - Dercum's or some other painful disorder that involves multiple lipomas suddenly growing

Treatment plan from doctor:

Gabapentin - 400 mg x 3 a day (seems to be cutting a lot of pain when I spend the day laying down)
Nortriptyline HCL - 10 mg at bedtime (seems to be helping me get a better nights sleep without pain)
Flexeril - 10 mg at bedtime (have been taking this for years - it really helps with waking up with all muscles cramping and painful - like onset of flu)

Things I found for myself:

1/2 tsp of baking soda in a sweet drink x 2 a day (within 20 minutes can feel a reduction in burning pain that occurs with activity)
Gluten free/dairy free diet - have been following this ever since I learned it was a culprit with a lot of my chronic pain
Epsom salt baths - eliminates a lot of chronic pain - honestly believe I was probably magnesium deficient; however, unable to find a supplement I can take that agrees with me
Low fat/nothing fried/greasy in diet - seems to help with diarrhea (ever since my gall bladder was removed)
Decreased protein intake, low purine diet - seems to keep me from having gout attacks; keep tart cherry supplements around - they are like miracle workers when I do have a gout attack

Things to consider moving forward - Vitamin D deficiency - I know it's low again - I have the oral drops, need to consider adding them.

Activity = pain and lumps... need to figure out how to get back on my feet so I can get back to my job. I've been off work now for about 6 weeks and still have issues being upright for more than about 20 minutes (pre-medication, it was 10).

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